Why join a toy library?

When you join Wodonga Toy Library you can:


  • Borrow quality educational toys

  • Expose your child to a wide variety of age appropriate toys without huge financial outlays

  • Expose your child to a greater range of experiences

  • Encourage your child to learn new skills

  • Discover what your child likes to play with

  • Raise your child's self esteem

  • Understand the importance of play as the major area of growth and development for your child

  • Meet new people

Wodonga Toy Library Inc. is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers.


Our aim is to ensure our toys promote positive play by aiding in the development, education
and imaginative capacity of the child, and form in the child the ability to share and cooperate
with other children.


We try to accomplish this by providing toys that are:

  • Good play value

  • Well designed and constructed

  • Safe and durable

  • Don't promote violent play

The committee is elected annually and manages the toy library's resources, sets policy and organises special events and fundraising. The successful running of the toy library depends on members who volunteer their time to run the toy library sessions and special events.

The committee welcomes all members to our meetings, and encourages input from members to improve our service. Committee meetings are held on a monthly basis.

You can find out more by reading this webpage, visiting the toy library during borrowing hours, contacting the coordinator on 0404 936 208, or by filling in the form below.

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