How do I join Wodonga Toy Library?


To join Wodonga toy Library bring the following along during borrowing hours (please arrive at
least 30 minutes prior to closing):

  • Membership Application Form (download here and print or complete when you visit)

  • Proof of address (drivers' license or equivalent form of identification)

  • 2 contact phone numbers

  • Annual fees (cash only) (see Fees)


How much does it cost to borrow toys and how much can I borrow?


See Fees


What is required of members?


Wodonga Toy Library is completely run by volunteers, and helping out with the toy library is a great way to meet other parents and see the range of toys. Members volunteer for duty at least four times a year (special circumstances will be taken into consideration). A non duty fee of an additional $40 per year above membership fees applies to members who are unable to meet this requirement.


What happens if I'm late returning toys?


Borrowing can be extended by one week and can be arranged with the membership coordinator. Otherwise a late fee may be applied.


What happens if a toy breaks or I lose it?


Members can reborrow toys until a lost part is found. Broken or lost toys may need to be replaced by the borrowing member. However you should talk to a committee member first, as depending on the circumstances, they may have replacement parts available, or choose not to replace the toy. A fee may be charged for replacement of parts.

Can I donate or sell toys to the Wodonga Toy Library?

Donations of good quality second-hand toys are gratefully accepted. Too good to give away? If deemed appropriate and an acceptable price can be agreed upon, the Wodonga Toy Library may purchase from members more expensive toys .

How is the Toy Library funded?

As well as member fees we run a number of fundraisers throughout the year, which allow us to continue to operate at a low cost to members. When you order through Stuck on You, Wodonga Toy Library receives commission for every dollar you spend. We also hold an annual Spring Bulb fundraiser. In addtion throughout the year we raise money through events such as cake stalls and barbecues.